Embryos – M6 Bells & Whistles 258 P x M6 New Germaine 1157 P ET


This package is an outcross mating for us. Great numbers if that is what you are looking for, great acceptance within the breed and easy to look at.

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We purchased M6 New Germaine 1157P ET at the M6 dispersal as an outcross donor dam for our program. She brings one of the best set of EPDs of any female in the breed – top 2-3% for nearly every EPD and fantastic structure.

Offered for sale by Sonderup Charolais Ranch, Inc./Sand Creek Charolais

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Embryos can be purchased individually up to the inventory listed on each mating. Each mating is priced by each individual embryo. All shipping fees are paid by the buyer. Seller guarantees 1 pregnancy per 3-4 embryos purchased. If this is not achieved, replacement embryos will be released. All embryos were collected for U.S. shipment. Potential buyers outside the U.S. can purchase embryos on contract. All embryos are priced for a #1 embryo. Any #2 embryos will be priced at 80% of listed price. Please use secure online shopping cart to submit your payment in U.S. dollars (USD). Contact Tom at 308-536-2050 with any questions.

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